Lock in your rate at 50% off before the timer hits zero!

Balance Your Hormones & Love Your Life Again

Without getting overwhelmed, frustrated or quitting!

  • Wake up feeling rested everyday (yes, even with kids waking you up)

  • Lose body fat without tracking, restricting, or counting

  • Ditch the anxiety and mood swings, even when you're PMS-ing

  • Reconnect with your children & your spouse

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment & fulfillment with yourself (even while taking care of your others)

Balance Your Hormones & Love Your Life Again

Without getting overwhelmed, frustrated or quitting!

  • Wake up feeling rested everyday (yes, even with kids waking you up)

  • Lose body fat without tracking, restricting, or counting

  • Ditch the anxiety and mood swings, even when you're PMS-ing

  • Reconnect with your children & your spouse

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment & fulfillment with yourself (even while taking care of your family)

With results like this ...

"Now I fit into my old jeans again ..."

“I used to love putting my outfits together until everything stopped fitting. I was stuck in hormone HELL. I had gained weight, and I was always too exhausted to lace up my running shoes. I was wearing sweatpants everywhere I went...until I started applying this hormone friendly way to my life. Now I can fit into my old jeans with confidence, and rarely do I find myself lagging at the end of the day. I couldn’t have done it without this program!”


"I have more energy as a mom of 5 ..."

“I have had very painful periods since I was 16. I was officially diagnosed at 26 with Endometriosis. I thought this was my lot in life and just made sure I didn't plan events during my period. Then I heard one of Jenn's talks on Balancing Hormones. This was very eye-opening. I learned that "just because it's common does not make it normal" to quote Jenn. Maybe this didn't have to be my life. In February, I started incorporating her recommendations and by April, I had a cycle with no cramps. I mean zero pain. This is amazing. I also have more energy and feel so much better! I'm a homeschooling mom of 5 - so this is CRUCIAL!”


it's no wonder women all over the world are raving about my science-backed approach to supporting their hormones through all phases of life!


I see you, with a to-do list longer than your arm, trying to keep all the plates spinning while feeling like you're running on empty. The struggle is real, isn't it? It's like you're caught in this endless loop of exhaustion, anxiety, and those pesky food cravings that just won't quit.

You've been down every diet road imaginable, tried every supplement promising a quick fix, but here you are, still feeling stuck. And let's not even get started on finding time for yourself – it feels like an impossible dream when there's always something or someone else demanding your attention.

But here's the thing: you're not alone in this struggle. So many other women out there are nodding along because they've been right where you are. And guess what? They've found a way out, and you can too.

It's time to break free from the cycle of overwhelm and reclaim your energy, your vitality, your zest for life. Because you deserve more than just surviving – you deserve to thrive!

I'll show you how you can unlock endless energy (even if you're still up with kids during the night), melt body fat with ease so you never have to diet again, and ditch the anxiety & overwhelm so you can actually enjoy being a WOMAN - even if you're strapped for time or totally frustrated with your past attempts!




And I get it.

It can be so easy to beat yourself up after lashing out at the kids (or your spouse) again

and start questioning how you got here, and if you’ll ever stop being so exhausted and moody.

I can’t tell how many of my students have come to me saying that they’ve tried everything, and they don’t even know what to do anymore.



Which of these applies to you? ...

  • waking up with ZERO energy and taking hours to 'wake up' ...

  • going to bed every night exhausted but your mind starts running a marathon when your head hits the pillow...

  • falling on and off track with your weight loss...

  • trying every trendy diet and supplement just to see some sort of boost in your energy or drop in your weight...

  • feeling moody with your family because of the overwhelm

  • feeling serious #momguilt for the way you're lashing out

  • withdrawing from your family and silently resenting your life and roles

  • missing the woman you used to be and know you could be

I'm here to tell you:

You're NOT alone. It's NOT your fault. AND

There's no need to struggle anymore!!

So if you've ever tried ...

  • eating less

  • exercising more

  • counting calories and macros

  • sleeping in

  • going to bed earlier

  • green powders & energy supplements from your friends

  • living on coffee

  • starting again on Monday

  • ignoring the fatigue

  • going to your Doctor's over and over (only to be told everything looks normal)

  • telling your mom friends about how you feel (and they all tell you it's part of being a mom)

And you're wondering "why is none of it working for me?"

It's because we've been expected to live like this for too long - being told that it's NORMAL to feel like this as a mom!

... Having no idea what our bodies need to thrive after having children, and having no true understanding of the strain that pregnancy and motherhood places on our brains and bodies!

And if you keep doing the same things over and over, you're going to keep having the same problems over and over...

...In fact, you might even be making the underlying problems worse, causing you to have to work harder, stress harder, sleep less, and feel MORE miserable in your body than you did to begin with!

What if I told you that the underlying problem to all of your issues are


And the great thing is that with the right support, you can actually balance your hormones naturally so that you're working WITH your body, instead of against it!

Client Spotlight

"Just thought I would share here, but yesterday I weighed myself and I was down to 151 lbs. When I started this journey about 2 months ago (got serious) I was 169 lbs. I've never been able to do this before without dieting and can't believe how easy it's been - So I am pretty happy with it!"


So Here's the Deal

If you don't balance your hormones and learn to live a hormone-friendly lifestyle, you will always struggle in your health, home, and relationships.

You will continue to live exhausted, gaining weight, overwhelmed, and disconnected from your self.

...and if you're anything like me, you've put your entire life on hold telling yourself stories like:

It's just a phase - I'll feel better when my kids move out.

I just need to get more sleep - then I'd be fine.

I'll start again next week - I'm just too busy right now.

It's time for a change!

My question to you is: How long are you going to keep living like this? Barely surviving

When you could be thriving

Because you deserve to enjoy every moment of your life as a woman and as a mother

The only difference between you and all of the women you see here?

They decided they were going to stop doing the same things over and over again.

They decided to make a change.

"I cannot praise Jenn enough ..."

Jenn, hands down, has had the biggest impact in helping not just me, but my whole family, to want to eat foods that promote health & longevity! As a woman entering perimenopause, I knew my body was changing & it was important to me to lean into this & not resist what my body was naturally needing to do. I honestly cannot praise Jenn enough! I am forever grateful to you & your guidance!

-Jenn O-

"I built better habits and my entire life changed ..."

I met Jenn online and from the first time we spoke, I knew she really cares. Through her personalized program and great feedback, I was able to learn more about my body. I got to build better habits that have helped improve my skin, hair, and cycle... Now, I am able to link a symptom to the root cause, and make better decisions so I can have better results. I feel very supported and I'm glad that I have someone like Jenn in my Rolodex. I'm just truly grateful for her support and all that she does! I can say with confidence that if you're looking for someone to guide you on your health journey, she can help you!


"I'm being intentional and my waist is slimming down ..."

I’m being more intentional with what I eat, making sure I have nutritionally rich meals and snacks. And I’m being more mindful when I eat, paying attention to how my portions make me feel. I’ve learned to pay more attention to how I’m feeling when I eat, what signals my body is sending me telling me I’m satisfied, and respecting them enough to actually listen to them and stop. My natural waist is becoming more prominent again 😊. I’ve only lost a little weight but the slimming down is a great sign that the changes I’m implementing are working and my body is healing!


Meet your hormone coach & nutritionist

Hi there, I'm Jenn!

I struggled for 15+ years - my hormones nearly destroyed me!

I am a holistic nutritionist and women's hormone health specialist who has helped hundreds of women overcome exhaustion, weight issues, body pain, and hormonal symptoms.

My hormonal issues started when I was 13 years old and I had no idea at the time that they would change the course of my life, my fertility, my energy, and my ability to love life.

I became exhausted, lethargic, moody, unhappy, in pain all of the time, and disconnected from myself. I felt TRAPPED in my body - struggling to get out - and all I wanted was for someone to tell me that what I was experiencing was REAL and it could be fixed!

As soon as I learned how our hormones change, cycle and impact my body, and created a hormone-friendly lifestyle, I was able to wake up energized daily, lose weight with ease, and finally feel happy, comfortable, and FREE in my body!

...and now I'm here to help you!

So let me ask you this ...

Do you really want to spend the next 10-20 years of your life exhausted, moody, and unhappy?

Do you want to stay trapped in your body, fighting with it, disappointed and unhappy?

Or, do you want to finally learn how to balance your hormones, listen to your body, and release these symptoms that plague us everyday?

Introducing ....

The MomRevival Membership

the most in-depth community you will ever find to balance your hormones so that you can finally wake up energized, lose weight with ease, and feel like yourself again!

MRM is the only community where you balance your hormones naturally, from the inside out, WITHOUT dieting or restricting AND while addressing your habits - in just a matter of weeks!

Learn simple and effective strategies to ...

Wake up feeling energized every day... Even if you're still up during the night with kids

Melt excess body fat with ease... WITHOUT spending hours on the treadmill doing cardio or intense HIIT workouts

Enjoy healthy eating and NEVER diet or restrict your food again

Balance your hormones that have been working against you for so long for LIFE-LONG results

DITCH the bloating and food cravings that leave you feeling gross and defeated

Discover inner peace to CALM the overwhelm, anxiety, and hot-wiring that leaves you feeling frustrated, fuzzy and detached

Build healthy habits into your lifestyle and never fall OFF TRACK again

Feel AMAZING in your body and start loving your life again!

So you can be like them ...

Balance Your Hormones Naturally ...

Because, let's face it, struggling through the prime years of your life is not fun - and you deserve better!

In the MomRevival Membership, you're part of a growing community of women who support each other, cheer each other on, and most importantly ... get it!

When you come on board, you will go through 3 specialized phases to optimize your health and hormones so that in 90 days you will be waking up alert, losing 15+ lbs without counting calories, and feel HAPPY in your body again!

Then, enjoy the maintenance phase where we're re-wiring your brain patterns to create life-long habits so you never have to start another program again!

Phase 1: Nourish

Cleanse your body of built-up hormones, toxins, and inflammation that are causing underlying hormonal imbalances adding to your fatigue, weight issues, and viscous health cycles so that you can feel lighter, happier, and more energized on a daily basis!

Phase 2: Normalize

Normalize hormone and habit pathways to create healthier automatic responses within the body, supported by nutrition and lifestyle so that your body doesn’t fall back into old, unhealthy hormone traps that have you feeling this way!

Phase 3: Nurture

Create long-term habits that will sustain the balance we've created so you can carry this hormone-healthy lifestyle throughout all phases of your womanhood and be in control of your body so that as your hormones change you can feel amazing at all ages!

Okay Jenn... what's the investment?

Like most women who struggle with hormonal imbalances, you could spend YEARS trying to figure this out on your own.

New programs, new diets, new doctors, new vitamins, trying harder, starting again .... all of the things you think you need to fix this (which I'm guessing you've already tried, right?).

You can continue to do it on your own.

Ignoring the problem and missing work (time = money) and life.

Buying supplements that address only symptoms of the problem which can be upward of $100 per month.

Hiring a weight loss coach which is upward of $500 per month.

Working with a nutritionist for meal plans is over $500 per month.

Or... you can take control of your body. Once and for all. With coaching, accountability, support, and a proven system.

Normally this is $178/month - but you can

Balance Your Hormones for only $89/month

Lock in this price before the timer hits zero!



  • Hormone Health Activation Modules

  • Weekly Action To-Do Lists

  • Monthly Coaching Calls

  • Monthly Group Challenges

  • Monthly Group Workshops

  • 24/7 Community Support

  • Recipes + Grocery Lists

  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

Annual - Most Popular

$890 - 2 months free!

  • 2 Months FREE

  • Everything you get inside the monthly PLUS

  • Mindset Video Trainings ($597 value)

  • 3 private 1:1 coaching calls ($788 value)

  • No Contracts, Cancel in 30 days!

Ready for this to be you?

No contracts. No gimmicks. cancel anytime. (seriously)

I'm so confident that you will experience a shift in how you feel and your appreciation for your hormones!

However, if that doesn't happen for you, you can cancel anytime if you're on the month-to-month payment plan and KEEP all of the material that I gave you during that time!

If you pay in full, I'll offer you a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! This means that if you decide to cancel within the first 30 days after paying, you can receive a full refund, no questions asked!

To recap, here's what you get when you join us inside:

Activation Modules

  • Activation courses, to remove confusion about health, hormones, and nutrition so you can stop wasting time trying unproven methods, researching for answers online, or paying for programs that won’t work for you


  • Monthly Coaching & Q+A sessions from yours truly
    to answer your questions, clear up your doubts & keep you motivated and on track

24/7 Support

  • 24/7 support in the membership community where you have
    direct access to me to celebrate your wins, ask questions, and get through roadblocks - like having your own nutritional hormone coach in your pocket

Habit Trackers

  • Weekly habit

    task trackers to break down your journey into SIMPLE

    and EASY

    action steps for guaranteed results so you can apply all the teachings into your daily routines

Recipes & Shopping Lists

  • Meals plans, shopping lists, and easy and delicious healthy recipes the whole family will love released monthly so that you can get hormone healthy meals on the table in 30 minutes

Workshops & Challenges

  • Monthly workshops and challenges to keep you excited about your journey while learning practical, hands-on application of hormone-healthy concepts

Workbooks &

Cheat Sheets

  • 50+ workbooks and cheat sheets so you can work through your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to actually make long-term changes that LAST!

Mindset/Habit Video Trainings

  • Mindset training videos to help you master your mind, thoughts, and subsequent behaviours so that you can build sustainable and lasting habits into your life so you're never 'falling off track' again!

It's time to make a choice ...

Option #1: Do Nothing

We already know that nothing changes if nothing changes. Are you prepared to keep living your life like this? You can try to figure this out on your own, but without the proper tools and resources, that could take YEARS!

Option #2: Start Now with Us

If you know that you're ready for a change and to follow a tried and true system that WORKS - and you're ready to start living the life you deserve because you have the energy and drive you've been lacking - then the choice is easy!

Monthly - $89/month

Regularly $178/month

  • Hormone Health Activation Modules

  • Weekly Action To-Do Lists

  • Monthly Coaching Calls

  • Monthly Group Challenges

  • Monthly Group Workshops

  • 24/7 Community Support

  • Recipes + Grocery Lists

  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

Annual - Most Popular

$890 - 2 months free!

  • 2 Months FREE

  • Everything you get inside the monthly PLUS

  • Mindset Video Trainings ($597 value)

  • 3 private 1:1 coaching calls ($788 value)

  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

Where will you be a year from now?

How many times will you start another diet? How many times will you fall off track? How many times will you be hungry just to get on the scale and be disappointed? How much time and energy are you wasting on the wrong actions that are working against you?

Enough is Enough! Your hormones have controlled you for too long - time to reclaim your power!

Balance Your Hormones for only $89/month

And if you get started in the next 7 days, I'll throw in these EXTRA BONUSES just for you!

  • ​BONUS #3: 15 Minutes Meals Recipe Book: 50 Quick & Delicious Family Meals
    so you can have 50 meals ready in 15 minutes or less that the whole family will love and free up more time in your day to focus on YOU!

  • BONUS #4: 10-Minute Bath Burners Fitness Plan that you can do while your kids are in the bath so your first 10 days feel better than you've felt in the last 10 months!

Here's what you get:

  • ​12 Month Membership: Your entire hormone-balancing, healthy habit, long-term lifestyle system all in one place

  • Community Bonuses: Exclusive access to a community chat with your coach in your pocket and fun challenges to inspire you

  • No-Excuse Jumpstart Bonuses: Feed the family and start getting fit in the least amount of time possible with these no-excuse recipe guides and fitness plan specifically designed for busy moms like you

Today Just: $89/month

MomRevival Membership is a program, but more than that, it's a plan!

It's a plan to help you feel the best in your body and empower your health! It's a plan to help you reclaim your power and your peace. It's a plan to help you understand your body and its language. So that you can feel healthy, happy, and confident through all stages of womanhood. So that you can build deeper relationships with your friends, family, and yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to be a mother?

Absolutely not! If you're a woman, you have hormones and this program can help! I've tailored some of the suggestions specifically for moms as we tend to have different complications in our lives than women who are not mothers, but at the end of the day, we all have reasons that commitment to our health is hard, so you'll be able to use the strategies from the membership in all areas of your life - regardless of whether you're a mom or not!

How do I know if this will work for me?

Within the first 30 days, you'll notice improvements in various areas of your health. Many women have reported feeling lighter, sleeping better, having better elimination, and having more energy through out the day.  The monthly check-ins will help you identify what symptoms you're dealing with and the frequency/severity of them over time throughout the membership so you'll experience progression.

I'm taking hormonal birth control, will this work for me?

This program will teach you a LOT about the female sex hormones, and the importance of having healthy, balanced, natural sources.  It can be difficult to balance our hormones naturally when we're taking synthetic versions, so I generally recommend that members are not taking hormone supplements or birth control of any kind for the best results. You may be better suited for other programs that I offer, however, you will still experience amazing results by balancing other hormones throughout the membership if you are super keen on joining.

Will it actually take a whole year?

Truthfully, it could. I'm not going to lie and say no, because the truth is, it could. Your success, and the speed at which you achieve it is based on a few factors: (1) how well you follow the system; (2) your engagement within the community and attendance of coaching calls; (3) your body and how well it responds to changes; (4) the severity of your imbalances and/or symptoms; and (5) the complexity of your situation. Now, does that mean it will take a whole year to experience positive changes? NOPE! You'll start noticing positive changes in as little as a few weeks, and the depth of those changes will continue to grow and expand the longer you commit to the system!

What if I want to lose weight?

Weight loss is a natural by-product of this program because when your hormones are balanced, your body works more efficiently and you give it what it needs to THRIVE, rather than surviving.

FAQ image

Am I limited to eating salads?

Nope! Who wants to eat like a rabbit all day? Not me! I'm all about having a healthy dose of vegetables on my plate at every meal, but not always in a salad! Instead, these recipe guides are full of nourishing, warm, cold, crunchy, soft, salty, and sweet recipes to give you the best experience possible!

I have food intolerances/allergies, will the recipes work for me?

The recipe guides provide gluten- and dairy-free recipes, to accommodate the more common intolerances in women. And one of the biggest benefits of having me in your pocket as part of the exclusive community chat support is that I can help you craft the recipes around your intolerances by providing ingredient alternatives to the offending options for you.  

What time zone are the calls?

All calls are hosting in Eastern Standard Time (Toronto Time). If you can't make the live calls, you can watch the recordings. Occasionally, some calls may be hosted at different times to accommodate all members!

How much one on one time do I get with you?

Great question! You will get a launch call when you enroll where we'll meet, after you complete your intake paperwork, to go over your goals and help you plan a path of success through the membership! We meet up monthly as a group to discuss our goals, challenges, and implement new strategies for getting to our goals. You have the ability to connect with me DAILY in the community chat on anything that you may need guidance with! I also throw up challenges in the group to win private calls with me for extra one on one coaching/support, and I always make sure my clients are supported when they need it. No member gets left behind!

How much time do I need to commit to this to see results?

I've created this membership in a linear, compounding fashion. Meaning that every month, your activation courses AND your weekly habits will build on top of each other for a layered effect in both your learning and your abilities. But don't worry, you can't fall behind - you get to take this experience at your OWN PACE!

Each activation course contains roughly 1-2 hours of material, broken down into short videos that you can consume in the small moments of your day, while you're showering, exercising, cooking supper, etc. If you love to learn, you'll love the modules. If you don't love to learn, and you rather just DO, all you have to do is follow the weekly tasks! On average, I recommend spending 20 minutes a week learning, and the rest of your time plugging into the community chat, coaching calls, and committing to the ACTIONS that will move you forward!

Are there any additional costs outside of the membership (like supplements, etc)?

Not specifically. If you show an interest in specific supplements or nutrients that I talk about and share within the membership, activation courses, or coaching calls, then we can discuss whether they're the right fit for you or not. However, they are NOT necessary for you to experience amazing results and benefits!

Want to know what we're learning about every month?

If you're like me, you want to know ALL of the details - check out the topics we're covering (and more)!

  • Module 1: Eating for Hormone Health

  • Module 2: Sugar and Hormone Health

  • Module 3: Gut and Hormone Health

  • Module 4: Toxins and Hormone Health

  • Module 5: Stress and Hormone Health

  • Module 6: Thyroid and Hormone Health

  • Module 7: Hormonal Imbalances and Your Health

  • Module 8: Libido and Hormone Health

  • Module 9: Immune and Hormone Health

  • Module 10: Adrenals and Hormone Health

  • Module 11: Healthy Weight Loss and Exercise

  • Module 12: Self-Care and Healthy Mindset for Hormone Health

Bonus Modules Include:

  • Circadian Rhythm Reset

  • Menstrual Cycle 101

  • Brain Habit Rewiring

  • More to come!

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